"With genetically growing so much hair on my body, this hair remover easily help my hairs to stop growing back so fast!! I am proud to show out my skin with more confidence! " ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Julianna. USA

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Ascent™️ Painless Hair Removal Laser

Ascent™️ Painless Hair Removal Laser

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Always tired of finding unwanted hairs on your body? Always wanted to get laser surgery but couldnt finacially espically with today's inflation?

Look no further, but The Painless Hair Remover ™ by AscentEureka

A Hair remover that eliminates unwanted hairs and saves you money of surgical laser hair. Who doesn't want an afforable, and also it is a travel size hair remover so you can take it on the go!


Say Goodbye To Unwanted Hairs!

Remove all the tiny, little hairs that keep popping up without the hassle of Shaving.

Seamless & Painless 

When using the Ascent™️ Painless Hair Removal Laser, enjoy a smooth, painless experience, leaving no scratches or lasting marks.

Very Affordable

Enjoy flawless looking skin at an affordable & competitive price, exposing your beautiful Vibrant skin !

State Of The Art Razor Sense Light Technology

Innovative design to maximize results, get unmatched skin in minutes, and gently remove hairs from the root.

Rechargeable & Waterproof

The Ascent™️ Painless Hair Removal Laser works on both dry and wet skin without any issues whatsoever. Also rechargeable using our simple USB charge port so you can charge and use it anywhere !

2 In 1 

Choose from Two different shaving Heads, the Trimmer Head and the Microfoil Head.


Package Includes 

- 1x  Hair Touch Shaver

-  1x Trimmer Head

- 1x Microfoil Head

- 1x USB Cable

How To Use The Neck Stretcher?

Find a flat surface where you can lay on your back, and lay down and place the support in the middle of your neck.

Once completed, bend your knees and put your arms out flat or beside your head. Allow your neck to settle further into the support.

Taking slow deep breaths helps to relax. Take notice of how the support is reinforcing your posture. You may observe at this point that you are releasing tension.

Once again, any discomfort to begin is normal. Your neck, traps and shoulder muscles relax further and your posture become more aligned.

Do this everyday, for just 10 minutes a day, and you'll notice a huge difference!

How Long Should I Use?

Lie down for no more than 10 minutes each day and relax your neck.

How Long Does It Take To Feel A Difference?

After 1 week you can notice a much more looser and youthful feeling neck with less tension and pain. 

Where Should I Place It?

Lie in a flat surface and in a position that feels comfortable for you and rest your neck on the center of the Neck Stretcher for a pleasant stretch.

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