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"It does exactly what it says! It's super cooling and easy to move around. My summer wouldn't be the same without this!" - Brooke A. USA

CoolGo™ Portable Cooling Fan

CoolGo™ Portable Cooling Fan

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✔️ Compact Design

✔️ Rapid Cooling

✔️Energy Efficient



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Stay Cool, Anytime, Anywhere

Why suffer in the heat? This powerful, portable fan is your solution to staying cool anywhere, anytime.

Escape The Heat Instantly

With our ultra-portable fan, coolness follows you. No installation, no hasssle - just instant, refreshing air at your fingertips.

Adjust The Temperature To Your Liking

Adjust yoru cooling experience with the CoolGo™ customizable settings. Effortlessly tailor airflow and mist intensity to suit your preferences, ensuring optimal comfort wherever you are.

Chill Out and Beat The Summer Heat

3-in-1 device, acting as an air cooler, humidifier, and fan. It elevates your indoor environment throughout the year, while also boosting air moisture levels for healthier, hydrated skin.

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