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Ascent™ 3 in 1 Quick Razor

Ascent™ 3 in 1 Quick Razor

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Have you ever left the house and realized that you forgot to shave your entire leg or you missed a spot?

Our Ascent™  3 in 1 Quick Razor is perfectly designed to be your pocket magician and your best friend when you’re shaving  on the go! 


Innovative & Compact Design

Our razor is compact and discreet, perfect for shower-free touch-ups and missed spots. Throw it in your car, purse, gym bag, desk drawer, or carry-on. They are easier to clean than mulit-blade razors, plus comes with two extra razors! 


It lathers on as a pre-shave bar and rubs in as a post-shave moisturizer , so you never have to worry about washing it off when you’re done shaving. It’s also made with love (oh… and coconut oil, cocoa butter, and essential oils).

Refillable Blades Designed for Shavin’ On-The-Go

Contains two sharp triple-blade, razor cartridges for a clean, close shave. Each razor cartridge includes a lubricating pre-shave strip formulated with Chamomile and Olive Oil for a soft finish. 

Refillable components include a water spray bottle, a Shea Butter moisturizing bar, and two triple-blade razor cartridges.

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