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Ascent™ Cow Slippers

Ascent™ Cow Slippers

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Quick, Simple, Clean

Shoe Size


These cheerful cows will keep your feet warm and comfy, whether you’re frolicking around a field or simply enjoying some milk and cookies. Your friends and family will want some too…and pretty soon you’ll have a herd! Moooooooooo!

The Cutest And Coziest Slides

Instead of getting one of those plastic slippers, why not let your childhood love for cows comfort your foot?  Yes, that’s possible with these Cow Slippers. Just dip your feet in these slippers, and let their maximized cushioning, durability, and traction give ease to your feet.

Why You'll Love It


Soft, comfy, warm and just simply adorable. slipper socks keep feet warm even on the coldest of days! They work in warm climates too where air conditioning keeps floors cold.

Skid Resistant

The faux suede sole has gripping rubber treads to provide safety and security for any situation. The non-skid rubber design on the sole reduces the risk of slips and falls by providing you with traction on a variety of surfaces such as wood or tile floors.

Machine Washable

Each pair of our Ascent™ Cow Slippers are fully machine washable and won't shrink!

Dip Your Feet Into Plush Straight From Heaven

With our Cow Slippers enjoy furry cuddles on your feet with every step. Whether it be while lounging in the comfort of your home or at a sleepover, these stylish, lightweight and comfortable slippers are perfect for the job! Say goodbye to flat slippers and aching heels and hello to slippers that feel like clouds on your feet!

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