"I am reliving my childhood memories of playing classic arcade games such as galaxy, pacman, asteriods but now right on the back of my cell phone! " ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Heather. USA

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Classic Retro Gaming iPhone Case

Classic Retro Gaming iPhone Case

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Always wanted to play the classic arcade games but do not have a gameboy or an arcade machine?

Look no further, but The Playable Classic Arcade Game Case™ by AscentEureka is here!

Imagine have the classics of pac man, galaxy, super mario and more in the palm of your hands! Well now you can play the games and protect your phone at the same time!

Got games on your phone? 

Bored at home, in the car, or at work? Why not turn your phone into a game! Ascent™ Case is the only protective case that keeps you entertained even when your phone is low on battery.

Playable Retro Case

With a built in audio and a full color display; immerse yourself playing up to 36 of your favorite childhood games like Tetris, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Galaga and so much more! 

Gameboy Case für iPhone

Durable & Protective

Don't worry about those cheesy fingers, Ascent™ case is scratch resistant and durable enough to keep your phone screen crystal clear in case it happens to slip out of your hands!

Lasting Battery Life

Ascent™ Case is going to be your best friend on those long flights and exhausting road trips! Charges in as little as 30 minutes; get up to 12+ hours of charge.

What are the 36 games it comes with?

1.Super Cotra 2.Super Marri Bro 3.Tetrissa 4.Bom Man 5.Ballon Fight 6.Dokey Kon 7.Excitbike 8.Galaja 9.Sparta X 10.Arkanoi 11.Five Chesss 12.Mahjang 13.lce Climber 14.Pacc Man 15.Marri Bro 16.Tenis 17.Circus 18.Pooyan 19.Batle City 20.F1 Race 21.Pin Ball 22.Soccer 23.Lode Runer 24.Nuts*Milk 25.Olympic 26.1942 27.MacroOs 28.Star ForcCe 29.Road Fighte 30.Badmiton 31.Sky Destroyer 32.Bomb Jak 33.Chinese Chess 34.Urban ChaNpion 35.Mapy 36.Penguin Kun Wars.

How do you use it?

1 Press ON/OFF Button 3S to power on/off

2 Press Direction Button to choose language, press A or S/P to confirm

3 Press Drection Button to choose games, press S/P to confirm and begin

4 A/B: work as function buttons in games

5 Reset Button: go back to the main menu

6 Sound Button: Press once to lower the volume, twice to close the sound

7 Power indicator lights up (red) after power on, lights up (red) and (blue) at the same time when charging, and turns off when fully charged (blue)

Is my phone compatible?

If you have the Iphone 14,13,12 and Iphone 14,13,12 Pro Max then yes! Also for the Samsung lovers we have it for the S22+ and S22 Ultra!

How Do I charge it

This game boy phone case comes with very sensitive keys, odorless and durable ABS & TPU materials, precise cutouts for speakers, charging ports, audio ports, much easy to install and play and remove. Built-in high quality lithium battery, takes 1 hour to fully charge and can last up to 5 hours. Please charge the game case first when you receive it.

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