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Anxiety Fidget Rings - Adjustable

Anxiety Fidget Rings - Adjustable

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Quick, Simple, Clean

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Our Anxiety Relief Rings are designed to help relieve stress & anxiety! Hand-crafted stainless steel and plated with pure 14K gold.
Instead of picking, scratching, or biting your nails, Our Anxiety Rings help you relieve anxiety in a healthier way! End those bad habits, with the satisfyingly smooth spin of our Anxiety Rings
A Spinner Ring, which is also referred to as a Meditation or Anxiety ring also helps you focus! Whether you deal with ADHD or just have to fidget in order to focus, Anxiety Rings provide a subtle and cute way to improve focus! 


Plated With 14K GOLD

Anxiety Rings do not tarnish, because they are handcrafted with stainless steel and plated with 14k gold.

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Relieve your anxiety without having to bite your nails or pick at your fingers. Simply relax to the satisfying spin of the Soothe Ring 

Adjustable Sizing

No Reason to worry about your ring size, each Anxiety Ring is fully adjustable to fit all size fingers!


Endless studies have shown that fidgeting is a great way to temporarily relieve stress and/or anxiety. But most fidgeting habits are unhealthy, such as biting your nails, picking at certain things, etc. Our goal is to bring our customers a healthier fidgeting alternative, while also doubling as a cute ring!


No Reason to worry about your ring size, each Anxiety Ring is fully adjustable to fit all size fingers!


Our best-selling Winter Bundle is a pack of our most popular anxiety rings for only $40.95! (Usually $59.99)

This is a limited time bundle, get yours before they are gone.
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