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Geometric Eggs

Geometric Eggs

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Don’t look at this as a simple toy purchase. Look at this as an investment in your child's future. Get Yours Now!


Age: 1+

Size: 11.4in x 3.9in x 3.1in (29 x 10 x 8cm)

Material: BPA-free plastic

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Did you know 85% of the human brain develops by age 3? 

Playing with this toy ensures that your child does not miss even a single percent of the crucial early brain development.

Matching colors and shapes can help toddlers form new neural connections, ultimately making learning in school a piece of cake.

If you want to facilitate your child's learning...

Stating colors and shapes isn't enough, hands-on exploration helps kids learn and stay tough. By physically holding and analyzing objects galore. Geometry and STEM concepts become easy to explore.

Enhance Your Child's Brainpower

✅ Helps fine motor skills, improves memory, and strengthens brainpower

Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness in toddlers

✅ Keeps your child engaged and motivated to learn for hours

✅ Develops independencecolor recognitionattention spanself-discipline