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Ascent™️ Wrinkle Remover

Ascent™️ Wrinkle Remover

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Quick, Simple, Clean


Struggling To Keep Up With Your Skin ? 

Take Back Control of Your Skin with our brand new Ascent™️ Wrinkle RemoverReverse Aging & Replenish your skin back to its Original Beauty.

3 Light Mode Settings

Choose from EMS Mode (Red Light) -  "The Age Reverser"Hot Mode (Blue Light) - "The Skin Smoother"Clean Mode (Green Light) - "The Jawline Snatcher".

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation

The Ascent™️ Wrinkle Remover eliminates all Acne, Small bumps, Blackheads, Redness, and Circles/Dark spots.

State Of The Art LED Technology

The Ascent™️ Wrinkle Remover utilizes the LED micro-current massager technology to eliminate wrinkles & reverses fine lines back to your Natural Unmatched Beauty!

Painless + Non-Toxic + Affordable

 A True Miracle Cure that will leave your skin and face looking flawless without the gigantic hole in your wallet or any skin issues.


Package Includes 

- 1x Ascent™️ Wrinkle Remover

- 1x USB charging cable

- 1x User manual



Power Source: Rechargeable Battery (2.5W)

- Charging Time : 2 Hours

- Auto Turn-Off : 5 Minutes


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